Scientists have found the gene for harmony

(ORDO NEWS) — Life experience tells many that thinness is not necessarily the result of hard training and diets. Someone was just lucky, and he keeps in good shape, not even trying to limit himself to food. Scientists have studied this phenomenon and found the gene for harmony.

Research was carried out by specialists from Austria, Canada and Estonia. They studied the data of 47 thousand Estonians. By comparing the genes of slender people and people of normal weight, the researchers saw that the former had a different level of the kinase gene of anaplastic lymphoma (ALK). If the level is low, then it is more difficult for a person to gain excess weight.

Scientists also disabled ALK in mice to test how it works. It turned out that in rodents, the mechanisms of action are the same: they have become slimmer, although their nutrition and physical activity have not changed.


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