Scientists have found that the cause of the death of ancient civilizations could be bacteria that cause plague and typhoid fever

(ORDO NEWS) — Bacteria caused the death of several civilizations four thousand years ago. Such conclusions were made by a group of scientists who discovered the DNA of bacteria that cause typhus and plague in the remains found during excavations.

In particular, scientists examined 32 DNA samples from the dental pulp of ancient people who died between 2290 and 1909 BC.

As a result, DNA from the bacterium Yersinia pestis, which causes plague, was found in two samples. Salmonella enterica, which causes typhoid fever, was also found in several samples.

Also, according to the results of studying the ancient remains, experts came to the conclusion that drought, crop shortages, migration of peoples and a decrease in immunity as a result of lack of water and the spread of infections led to the extinction of civilization 4.2 thousand years ago.


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