Scientists have found that excessive consumption of fish can lead to skin cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — High consumption of fish may be associated with an increased risk of melanoma. An article about this was published in Cancer Causes & Control.

Brown University researchers found that those with a daily meridian fish intake of 3.2 grams had a 22% lower risk of developing malignant melanoma than those with a median intake of 42.8 grams.

In addition, those who ate a lot of fish had a 28% higher chance of developing abnormal cells in the outer layer of their skin stage zero melanoma.

To find out, the scientists analyzed data on 491,367 people collected between 1995 and 1996. Participants then reported their fish consumption over the past year.

The researchers then turned to the archives of the medical services and found that malignant melanoma formed in one percent of these people, and stage zero melanoma in 0.7.

The researchers note that melanoma was especially common in those who ate unfried fish and tuna, and on the contrary, fried fish turned out to be practically not associated with cancer.

According to scientists, these patterns may be associated with contaminants contained in fish, including biphenyls, dioxins, arsenic and mercury.

At the same time, the authors note that they found only a statistical relationship, which does not mean a causal relationship at all.


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