Scientists have found that ancient people learned to swim across the seas more than 450 thousand years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — Ancient humans were able to swim across the Mediterranean 450,000 years ago, according to researchers at the University of Patras in Greece.

The islands of the Aegean Sea were inhabited by people more than 450 thousand years ago – the oldest artifacts found there are about 476 thousand years old.

Previously, scientists believed that ancient people got there during the ice age – because of the cold climate, the sea level dropped, and the islands were connected to the mainland.

The researchers reconstructed the geography of the region in that period of time. They found that previous reconstructions were incorrect.

At its lowest point then, the sea level was about 225 meters lower than it is today. This means that some islands still remained isolated from the continent.

“This is direct evidence that for 450 thousand years, ancient people could create boats and swim across the seas.

Because there are no other explanations for how ancient people got to territories isolated by the seas, ”the scientists noted.


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