Scientists have found that ancient people began to grow and get better because of the milk of animals

(ORDO NEWS) — An increase in the height and weight of ancient people in some regions 2000-7000 years ago provoked the use of milk, experts from the University of West London found out.

Experts studied the height and body weight of 3,507 skeletons of people who lived up to 25 thousand years ago, and found that between fifteen and ten thousand years ago, the population of Eurasia and Northeast Africa lost significantly in height and weight.

Scientists noted that in different regions of the planet, agriculture developed independently of each other, and farmers delivered crops and dairy animals to those parts of Eurasia where hunter-gatherers lived.

However, in some regions, including central and northern Europe, people have had to switch from making yogurt and cheese to consuming raw milk. Such milk contains more lactose, due to which the people who drank it received more energy.

It is in those regions where scientists have found genetic evidence of an increase in milk consumption that traces of the increased body weight of people and their growth along their skeletons were noticed, the article summarizes.


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