Scientists have found out why the moon disappeared in the sky a thousand years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — The years 1108-1110 were not easy for the planet: a cloud of sulfur-rich dust covered the stratosphere. For several years everything plunged into darkness. Experts were able to study the events of that time.

Analysis of the lower layers of the ice sheet showed that volcanic emissions reached the upper atmosphere – the stratosphere. To understand which volcano could have provoked absolute darkness in the two hemispheres, experts turned to ancient records that reveal the course of lunar eclipses in 1100-1120. A total of seven astronomical events took place then, one of which was distinguished.

According to eyewitness records, the moon shining on the evening of 1108 suddenly went out. Which volcano could then activate is a mystery. One of the options is the giant Asama in Japan. The diary of a certain statesman reveals some events: indeed, people saw a fire at the top of the volcano and a thick layer of ash. Later, in 1109, the climate in the Northern Hemisphere changed: it became colder by 1 degree Celsius. Harvests have decreased, and in some regions hunger months have come.

Thus, in 1108-1110, people watched the terrible consequences that were provoked by volcanic activity.


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