Scientists have found out why people like to watch horror movies

(ORDO NEWS) — The emotion of fear is basic, one of the first that people began to feel. Fear can bind, frighten and bring pleasure.

Scientists conducted a study during which they found out why people like this condition and how it affects the body.

When a person encounters a potentially dangerous environment, the brain activates two pathways. The first of them is fast, and it allows you to respond immediately to a threat.

The second is slower, and when it is activated, a person begins to analyze the threat, determine all the risks for himself, and only then comes the understanding of whether there is a danger or not.

Professor Mark Malmdorf-Andersen from the Danish University of Aarhus studies cognitive processes related to play and learning. He researched how people react to horror movies.

According to the specialist, this genre of cinema can carry a wide range of emotions and even educational potential.

It can be explained as follows: in movies, a person encounters scenarios that he can use in extreme situations in the future.

After watching the film, a person thinks through the course of action in his head: how would he act, could he be the main character, transfers the situation to himself and feels satisfaction when he realizes that he can handle such a situation.

In order to establish exactly how the emotion of fear and the feeling of pleasure are related, the professor and his team conducted an experiment on a group of people in a haunted house.

All “subjects” were filmed on video cameras, asked about their emotional state.

From 70 to 100 actors worked every night in the house where people lived. Someone was in the role of a zombie, someone played a serial killer with a chainsaw.

Their purpose was to evoke fear, anxiety, disgust and other emotions.

In the course of observations, scientists found that people do not really want to go beyond their normal physiological state, but they go out of their comfort zone more willingly.

That is, the brain looks for a golden mean and when it copes with a “difficult situation”, it begins to feel euphoric.

But this state was not observed in everyone, because each person can feel the feeling of fear and react to it differently.

He binds someone, forces someone to run and hide, and someone, on the contrary, begins to actively resist.


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