Scientists have found out how stress affects the heart

(ORDO NEWS) — Stress has a negative effect on a person. So, in some situations, the body shows superhuman strength and dexterity, quickly makes the right decisions.

But prolonged exposure to stress leads to deterioration of physical and psychological conditions. A recent study showed how stress is dangerous for the heart.

Stress is associated not only with heart disease, but also with stroke. This was reported by experts from the Canadian Cardiovascular Foundation.

Uncontrolled stress is especially dangerous, because it not only increases blood pressure and provokes the development of heart diseases, but can also cause diabetes.

In addition to this, a person becomes nervous and irritable, cannot control himself, and gains extra weight.

This is confirmed by scientists from the University of Galway. For this, a study was conducted in which 26,000 people participated. The research lasted more than one year and was quite voluminous.

There were many variables to consider in this work. Experts wanted to prove that uncontrolled stress is a harbinger of stroke, and they succeeded.

It turned out that people who experienced 2 or more stressful events in their life during the study were 31% closer to having a stroke.

Test participants who were under stress but could control themselves had lower risks.

The key point is this: the better a person controls himself in various life situations, the less likely he is to encounter a stroke, heart attack and other diseases.

In fairness, it should be noted that each person is individual and each reacts differently to the same situation. What will seem like a trifle to someone, will be a terrible grief for another.

Therefore, such studies do not answer the questions of ordinary people, but give scientists more knowledge about dangerous diseases. It is for this purpose that they are held.


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