Scientists have found out how our planet will die

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Howard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in the United States have shown how planets orbiting aging stars end their lives.

They say that a similar fate awaits the Earth. To be honest, a tragic end awaits everyone.

It all started when scientists discovered the planet Kepler-1658b in 2009. It was observed for 10 years, and then it was assigned the status of a new open planet.

In the course of long-term scientific work, researchers found out that it is approaching a dying star, around which it is spiraling.

It is known that Kepler makes one complete revolution around its star in three days. It is hotter than Jupiter and is only 2,600 light years from Earth. The star around which it now rotates dies and becomes a red giant.

During the long-term monitoring of Kepler, scientists have established that it is gradually approaching its star.

By Earth standards, the time it takes to complete a circle around the red giant is reduced by 131 milliseconds every year.

As time goes by, this process of rapprochement accelerates. Shreyas Vissapragad from the same university says that according to experts’ calculations, a fatal Kepler collision will occur in 3 million years.

Scientists believe that the same fate awaits the Earth. The Sun will begin to die , so it will expand after several billion years and gradually begin to attract the planet.

As a result, everything will end in a terrible collision. Vissapragad says it will happen in 5 billion years. Something similar is already happening in the solar system.

Jupiter attracts the satellite IO, as a result of which there are a huge number of volcanic eruptions. You shouldn’t worry too much, because in 5 billion years many different scary events can happen.


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