Scientists have found out how much a person can live

(ORDO NEWS) — For centuries, people have wondered how long a person can live. To date, Jeanne Calment from France, who lived to the age of 122, is still considered the record holder. But the average person can only expect to be 80 years old.

It is reported by Public health information (CDC).

It is not very difficult to calculate the average life expectancy, but to understand what the maximum can be is more problematic. Previous studies have shown that a person can well live up to 140 years. Some time ago, experts began to say that the limit to which the human body is capable is almost 150 years.

Most experts use the Gompertz function to perform their calculations. It is based on the theory that the death rate of people as a result of various diseases is increasing exponentially. 

In a more understandable language, then every 8-9 years the risk of death as a result of heart pathologies, infections, and oncology doubles. Today, scientists have managed to calculate that life expectancy can reach 150 years. For this, a special computer model was used.

To obtain results and create a new model, the experts took blood samples from over 70 thousand volunteers, whose age did not exceed 85 years. They determined the presence of short-term changes in blood cells. After that, the data obtained were reduced to one parameter, which was called the indicator of the state of dynamic organisms.

Such modeling made it possible to assume that absolutely all people are capable of living up to 150 years. In this case, the state of health or genetic factors does not play any role.


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