Scientists have found out how many cups of coffee per day are harmful to health

(ORDO NEWS) — Japanese researchers decided to find out how much coffee a day to drink is harmful to health.

Many people know about the benefits of this drink, but few have studied its “reverse side”. They still managed to find out how many cups of coffee drink pose a threat to health.

First of all, Japanese scientists tried to find out whether people with high blood pressure can drink coffee.

Studies have shown that if the increase is insignificant, then it is still possible to drink 1-2 cups. This drink is categorically contraindicated for those people whose A/T is over 180/100 mm Hg.

As everyone knows, coffee contains caffeine in a high concentration. This substance itself increases blood pressure and heart rate, but only for a short time.

Therefore, after a cup of espresso, a person immediately feels a rush of energy, but after some time it passes.

The author of the study, Hiroyas Iso, together with his colleagues, tried to determine how people with different degrees of hypertension react to the same amount of coffee consumed during the day.

The results of scientific works have shown that 2 cups a day is the maximum that can be drunk without harm to health if a person is hypertensive.

Dr. Iso’s study involved 20,000 people, including 12,000 women and 8,000 men who have lived in Japan since 1990.

Research participants answered questions about how much coffee they drink per day, in which half of the day they prefer to enjoy the drink, etc.

It turned out that those who suffered from hypertension and could not stop drinking coffee, suffered the most from problems with the heart and blood vessels.

In people with hypotonia and normal blood pressure, no similar health deterioration was observed.


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