Scientists have found out how electronic cigarettes affect the heart

(ORDO NEWS) — With the advent of vapes, many smokers abandoned regular cigarettes and switched to electronic cigarettes.

And these people provide convincing evidence that it is better: hands and clothes do not stink, the body is not poisoned by the products of tobacco combustion.

But is it really that safe? A Swedish study proves that electronic cigarettes are not so harmless.

In the early years of vaping’s popularity, it was impossible to assess its advantages and disadvantages. Enough time should have passed.

But as soon as it became possible, specialists from the Karolinska Institute began to conduct all kinds of experiments.

More than 20 men and women aged 18 to 45 took part in them. The volunteers smoked vape, but were physically healthy at the beginning of the experiment.

The participants of the experiment took 30 puffs of vape with a refill containing salt nicotine.

This substance is synthetic, it is purer than organic nicotine and more concentrated. Next, the scientists monitored the heart rate using laser equipment.

At the same time, the regularity of heart contractions was measured before smoking, then 15 minutes later and one hour after the “smoking break”.

A week later, the experiment was repeated. Only this time, smokers smoked vapor from a nicotine-free liquid.

After comparing the results of the tests, the scientists came to the conclusion that smoking vapes harms the heart and blood vessels.

For example, 15 minutes after stopping smoking, the number of small blood clots immediately increased by 23%. The indicator stabilized an hour after smoking.

The heart rate also increased: before smoking it was 66 beats, and after it was 73. Blood pressure also increased. And the researchers discovered temporary spasms in the blood vessels.

No such changes were detected when smoking nicotine-free liquids. Therefore, smoking any nicotine is harmful to health and can cause a heart attack.


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