Scientists have found how useful a beard for men

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found out how a beard is useful to men. They concluded that dense facial hair appeared in males for protection.

A study of scientists published in the journal Integrative Organismal Biology. The authors of the work suggested that a beard could serve men as a means of protecting the jaw during fights. Scientists have suggested that in ancient times the presence of a beard could increase a man’s chances of survival.

To test their hypothesis, the researchers conducted an experiment with mock-ups of fiberglass jaws. Their scientists covered with pieces of sheep’s skins. On some skins, wool was left about eight centimeters long, on others they were sheared, and on the third they were plucked. Then the jaws were placed on the anvil and a rod weighing 4.7 kilograms and a diameter of three centimeters was lowered onto them.

It turned out that the jaws with long hair absorb more kinetic energy when hit by a rod. This means that the hair can soften the blow and save the jaw from fracture.


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