Scientists have found a way to extend battery life by 30%

(ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have discovered a way to “revitalize” old batteries by activating lithium. The study appeared in the material of the scientific journal Nature.

Experts from the National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC), the Department of Energy and Stanford University have discovered the possibility of improving old batteries as well as extending the life of lithium-ion batteries. The authors of the study believe that this invention will increase the autonomy of batteries, as well as extend their life.

The scientific work notes that as they age, fragments of the so-called dead lithium accumulate in the batteries. Lithium ions become inactive, resulting in reduced battery life in smartphones, electric vehicles and other equipment. However, as it turned out, using a special charging method, it is possible to move inactive fragments by stimulating the movement of lithium ions towards the anode.

“It’s like a very slow worm that propels its head forward and retracts its tail to move nanometer by nanometer,” Stanford University and SLAC professor Yi Cui describes the behavior of an inactive lithium ion.

As noted in the material, scientists managed to organize the charging of the old battery in such a way that its life increased by 30%.

The study’s author Fang Liu said the results of the study are of great importance for the design as well as the development of more reliable lithium metal batteries.

The scientist believes that in the future it is possible to achieve the creation of more efficient batteries that will be designed for a long service life.

Earlier in South Korea, a bendable and stretchable battery was created.


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