Scientists have found a connection between the love of coffee and esophageal cancer

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Cambridge established a relationship between the love of coffee and esophageal cancer.

As it turned out, people who are addicted to coffee drinks are three times more likely to suffer from this type of oncology.

Genes that cause a love of coffee influence the development of esophageal cancer, but not other types of disease.

In order to come to such conclusions, scientists studied the DNA of 350,000 Britons and Finns for 11 years.

The results of the study were associated with 22 types of oncology, namely with the risk of their development.

Dr. Steve Burgess led the study. After its completion, he shared the following results:

  • Dependence on coffee does not affect the chances of getting most types of oncology
  • For other types of cancer, the relationship with genetic predisposition to various drinks was not found
  • Coffee can be perfectly safe if served correctly

The ideal serving temperature of the drink is + 65 C. Even 5 years ago, the World Health Organization recommended that coffee drinkers not only monitor the amount drunk, but also the serving temperature.

By the way, if a person likes to drink coffee drinks, and also regularly takes alcohol, then alcohol does not affect esophageal oncology.

Scientists have so far only an assumption that can explain such research results. It’s all about the drink being too hot.

When people drink many cups of hot coffee a day, they injure the esophagus. He gets thermal burns. At some point, these injuries lead to the formation of cancer cells.

This idea is also confirmed by previous studies conducted in 2019. Then the results showed that the consumption of hot coffee drinks (instant and brewed) provoked the appearance of esophageal cancer.


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