Scientists have found a “button” to turn off hunger

(ORDO NEWS) — In the future, it will be possible to manage hunger in people with eating disorders and other problems.

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At Baylor College of Medicine (USA), a team of scientists received more information about how the brain works in relation to hunger. They found two groups of neurons that can significantly reduce hunger even if the last meal was many hours ago.

This mechanism has already been successfully tested in mice – they managed to suppress the desire for food and reduce the feeling of hunger. By inhibiting a group of neurons, the opposite effect can also be achieved, so that the mice lose their satiety and begin to overeat.

To understand whether you can achieve a similar effect with humans, you need to conduct separate studies. If these processes proceed in humans in the same way as in mice, scientists can very easily regulate hunger levels and calorie intake without dieting or additional effort.

This potentially opens up new avenues for tackling diabetes, overweight, and eating disorders like binge eating disorder – when people literally eat up stress.


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