Scientists have figured out why the largest shark on Earth, the megalodon, died out

(ORDO NEWS) — The largest shark that ever lived, the megalodon, may have disappeared due to the fact that it “lost” in the competition with the great white shark. This conclusion was made by researchers from Chicago DePaul University.

Portal Indy100 published the findings of scientists who studied the remains of megalodon. It turned out that these sharks have zinc in their teeth. It is also found in the teeth of great white sharks that lived during the same period.

“These results likely imply at least some overlap in the prey that both shark species prey on…

While more research is needed, our results seem to support the possibility of dietary competition between megalodon and early Pliocene great white sharks.” “, – said the scientist Keshnu Shimada.

The megalodon species belongs to the Otodontidae family. It was common during the Miocene and Pliocene periods. Sharks of this species are considered the largest ever to exist on Earth. Their body length reaches 15 meters, and their weight can reach 47 tons.

Earlier it was reported that megalodon is considered the most mysterious predator of the planet – legends are made about it and horror films are shot. His teeth can still be found on American beaches.


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