Scientists have figured out how to determine the readiness of meat

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have figured out how to determine the readiness of meat. The fact is that the color of the product does not reflect the degree of its readiness, and checking with a thermometer may not always be correct.

The work was undertaken by Norwegian researchers led by a specialist from the Norwegian Institute of Food. They learned the methods by which Europeans test chicken readiness.

In general, scientists identified nine ways. The most popular is simply to cook the chicken for a certain time. People also often evaluate readiness by the color of meat, there are those who monitor the texture of meat.

After analysis, the researchers introduced a mixture of bacteria into the chicken and began to grill. Cooked for various times to a certain temperature. After that, scientists estimated the number of bacteria that survived in the meat.

As it turned out, when the internal temperature of the meat reached 70 degrees Celsius, the number of bacteria decreased by four to five orders of magnitude. However, other parts of the meat may not have warmed to such an extent, which means that pathogens were preserved.

The most effective subjective way to determine readiness was called the type of internal structure of meat. At a temperature of 65-70 degrees, the fibrous structure was already becoming noticeable. Nevertheless, scientists still advise several times to measure the temperature in different parts of the meat with a thermometer.


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