Scientists have figured out how memories are formed

(ORDO NEWS) — American researchers from the University of Southern California were able to trace the formation of memories in zebra fish. The results of the work were presented in the scientific journal Quanta.

It is noted that scientists for their experiment used genetically modified zebra fish, the fry of which are transparent and easy to study. Using light exposure, the team analyzed the brain activity of the test subjects, after which they examined the process of memory formation in the brain of fish.

It turned out that the type of memories affects how long the brain will store them. That is why scary memories last longer.

As the scientists emphasize, the results of the study make it possible to better understand why it is more difficult for a person to work through traumatic moments of life.

Previously, Japanese scientists created a memory-erasing neutralizer from Men in Black. The developed device made it possible to erase areas of memory in experimental mice.


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