Scientists have explained why you want to sleep after eating

(ORDO NEWS) — Most people probably experienced drowsiness and a feeling of fatigue after a meal.

Why does this happen to a person and what affects such a condition? Scientists have told about this, and they say that there is nothing terrible in such sensations.

The desire to fall asleep and pleasant tiredness after eating can be related to the natural result of digestion and sleep cycles, as well as to the products themselves.

Scientists call the decrease in energy in the body after eating postprandial drowsiness. Today, there are several theories explaining this condition.

  • It all depends on the products that a person eats. When food is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, postprandial syndrome occurs in everyone who eats this way. Turkey, cheese, spinach and other foods that contain tryptophan encourage the brain to release serotonin. It is not only a hormone of happiness, but also a natural sleep regulator . This causes a feeling of drowsiness. The same thing will happen when a person eats food rich in carbohydrates: pasta, bread, desserts, they also provoke the release of serotonin, as a result, you want to fall asleep or take a nap.
  • Fatigue and drowsiness can also be caused by large portions. When a person overeats, he often complains of drowsiness in the afternoon. The body spends a lot of energy to digest what is eaten, in addition, the level of sugar in the blood rises. Therefore, the body goes into energy saving mode.

If alcoholic beverages were consumed during the meal, a person may fall asleep as a result of intoxication . Also, one of the factors of postprandial syndrome is a bad night’s sleep. In any case, if a person does not like to feel this condition, he can adjust his diet and get rid of the problem.


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