Scientists have established what sleep deprivation can lead to

(ORDO NEWS) — In order for a person to feel good and have fewer health problems, he needs at least seven hours of quality sleep a day. But not everyone adheres to this rule.

Experts conducted another study, the results of which showed that it is enough to sleep badly just one night for serious changes begin to occur not only on the physical, but also on the mental level.

Reported by CNN.

During the study, experts studied how sleep, the duration of which does not exceed six hours, can affect a person’s well-being. Is there a cumulative effect in this case if a person experiences problems with sleep for a certain time.

Scientists interviewed two thousand people. Analysis of the information provided showed that after one lack of sleep, a person begins to feel worse.

At the same time, not only physical indicators decrease, but also the brain begins to work worse. If the regime is not observed further, the situation will only worsen.

The study participants added that they felt worst of all when they did not get enough sleep for six days without interruption.

This can be explained by the fact that the strength did not have time to recover, but at the same time stress quickly accumulated. If we talk about the physical manifestations of regular lack of sleep, then these include gastrointestinal disorders, pain in the body, runny nose, and so on.


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