Scientists have discovered the harbingers of the approaching Flood

(ORDO NEWS) — “Black smokers” – this is the name of geothermal sources operating at the bottom of the oceans. From these objects, in the form of multi-meter pipes, incredibly hot water under pressure of hundreds of atmospheres enters the oceans. Oozes along with a variety of chemicals.

As a rule, “smokers” are located along the axes of the middle oceanic ridges. We stumbled upon the “deposit” of new ones in an unexpected place.

An extensive field dotted with geothermal springs was found by American researchers led by Jill McDermott from Lehigh University. The field was formed on an area of ​​more than 5 thousand square meters in the northern part of the East Pacific Rise – near the Peruvian coast of South America.

The field has more than 20 “black smokers” about 10 meters high. “Hot” water erupts from them – it comes from some reservoirs located under the ocean floor at a depth of about 2 kilometers.

It is possible, by the way, that in these hot reservoirs heated by magma, it rises from the internal ocean, which is located very deep underground hundreds of kilometers from the surface.

The existence of an ocean hidden in the bowels was once indirectly indicated by seismic survey data and directly by the inclusion of water in a ringwood mineral crystal found inside a diamond.

Ringwood, on the other hand, is the main component of the so-called transition zone of the Earth – the bowels located at depths of several hundred kilometers.

There was one and a half percent water in the crystal. This, it would seem, is minuscule, according to preliminary estimates, “poured” into about ten Pacific Oceans. It is noteworthy that a diamond with ringwood and water was discovered in South America – opposite the East Pacific Rise.

Scientists have discovered the harbingers of the approaching Flood 2
Remote measurement of the temperature of the water emitted by the “smoker”

It is not at all excluded that underground water once became a source for the worldwide flood – the same biblical one.

First, it rose from the depths, pouring out through “black smokers, and then flowed back through the drain that opened in the Mariana Trench. Water still flows there by cubic kilometers.

Lehigh University fears that the activity of “black smokers” precedes the imminent mass eruption of underwater volcanoes.

It is possible that the outflow from the bowels may also indicate that the planet is preparing a new Flood – another rise of the “lower” ocean to the “upper”. Both global cataclysms do not bode well for mankind.

Scientists have discovered the harbingers of the approaching Flood 3
Zones in which oceans hidden in the depths are located under the bottom of the oceans

By the way

Everywhere life

Surprisingly, there is life in the incredibly hot water of “black smokers”, which can hardly be called boiling water. Scientists have discovered many unique deep-sea creatures in these geothermal vents that live in the so-called chemosynthetic ecosystem.

That is, they extract energy and synthesize organic matter not through photosynthesis, but from the “inorganic chemistry” that is obtained from the bowels. And they get it in abundance – “black smokers” form entire deposits of sulfide ores on the ocean floor.

Astrobiologists do not rule out that geothermal sources, like those of the Pacific, are also available, for example, on Europa, Jupiter’s moon, at the bottom of its subglacial ocean. And this is reassuring. NASA is seriously hoping to look for extraterrestrial life there in the near future.


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