Scientists have discovered signs of unknown laws of physics

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of scientists has announced the first results of the experiment under the designation “Muon g-2”. Researchers have reported the possible existence of unknown laws of physics. This was reported on the website of the University of Washington.

In the course of research work, it turned out that the behavior of muon particles does not fit into the Standard Model, which speaks of signs of New Physics.

Muons are short-lived particles that are miniature spinning magnets. There is an exponent (g-factor) that determines the speed and strength of rotation of muons in an external magnetic field. When muons enter the experimental setup, they interact with the “quantum foam” of virtual particles.

Depending on this, the value of the g-factor changes, and the precession of the magnetic moment of muons slows down or accelerates. All of this can be calculated using the Standard Model.

If there are unknown particles in the quantum foam, or certain interactions occur outside the Standard Model, the deviation between the calculated value of the g-factor and the actual one must be recorded.

During the experiment, scientists found a discrepancy with theoretical readings of 4.2 sigma, which is slightly less than 5 sigma. This discrepancy allows scientists to confidently declare the discovery of new laws of physics.


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