Scientists have discovered previously unknown species of toads

(ORDO NEWS) — Rommel Rojas Zamora, a researcher at the National University of the Peruvian Amazon in Peru, has discovered a new species of toad on a university campus.

According to him, he decided to explore the forest near his campus, which is located in the Iquitos region, and found a toad of the genus Rhinella.

Upon closer examination of the individuals, Zamora noticed that they had a different head and body shape than other Rhinella toads.

He and his colleagues then analyzed the anatomy and DNA of the two amphibians and determined that they belonged to two previously unknown species.

The researchers gave them the names Rhinella unapensis and Rhinella angeli. Both toads look like fallen leaves – this disguise allows them to survive in the Amazonian lowland.

It is noted that other species of Rhinella toads can also be found in this region.


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