Scientists have discovered mushrooms that actively reproduce after fires

(ORDO NEWS) — A new study from the University of California shows that fungi and bacteria can survive large forest fires, as they begin to increase in numbers after they “feel” the flames.

The team found that one of the fires they studied had a huge impact on bacterial and fungal communities, with a 70% reduction in microbial species.

But they were surprised when they learned that some of the yeast and bacteria not only survived the fire, but also increased in number.

The bacteria that have grown include Actinobacteria, which are responsible for the decomposition of plant material.

The team also found that the number of Firmicutes bacteria has increased – they stimulate plant growth, help fight pathogens and remove heavy metals from the soil.

Further, the researchers determined that among the fungi, the heat-resistant yeast Basidioascus, which is capable of decomposing various components of wood, has increased, including lignin, a tough part of plant cell walls that gives them structure and protects them from insect attacks.

The authors believe that some microbes may have used new survival strategies to increase their numbers in the damaged soil.

“They share adaptive traits that allow them to respond to fire. Now we figured it out and can better predict how which microbes will react to massive fires, ”said Sidney Glassman, mycologist at the University of California and lead author of the study.


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