Scientists discovered different factors of obesity in men and women

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(ORDO NEWS) — A team of scientists from the University of California published an article which indicates that women and men have different factors that cause weight gain.

During the study, researchers collected data from almost 200 participants aged 18 to 55.

Each of them filled out questionnaires in which they reported on the experience of childhood trauma, the level of anxiety, food addiction and other things.

In addition, each participant underwent three different brain MRI scans.

The results of the study showed that women have changes in areas of the brain associated with trauma in childhood.

This suggests that obese women may experience more anxiety than men. They are less resistant to the taste, smell, and look of ultra-processed foods, making them harder to discard.

Thus, in women, emotional overeating likely plays an important role in obesity. In men, this dependence was not found, they rather pay attention to the reaction of their intestines to various foods.

The scientists noted that a causal relationship is unknown, but strong associations between clinical markers such as anxiety, depression, obesity, and neural signatures point to the importance of a bidirectional mechanical connection between the gut and the brain.

This discovery may lead to new approaches to the treatment of obesity that will take into account the individual needs of women and men.


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