Scientists have discovered another negative consequence of COVID-19 for health

(ORDO NEWS) — COVID-19 gives complications to the heart, due to which the number of heart attacks has increased dramatically around the world.

Even the version of the Omicron virus , which is less aggressive than its predecessors, provokes heart attacks. Not only the elderly are at risk, but also the population aged 25-44.

Before the appearance of the coronavirus, a positive trend was observed in the world. From year to year, fewer and fewer people faced a heart attack.

Scientists are still studying how the coronavirus affects the body and it is not completely clear whether there is any relationship between complications and gender, age, ethnicity or race.

This was stated by Doctor of Medical Sciences and the author of the first studies Yi Hui Yeo.

For its research, the CDC uses data on COVID-19 from around the world. Between April 2012 and March 2022, there were 1,522,699 deaths from myocardial infarction (acute heart attack).

The researchers compared the age of the deceased, pre-pandemic and pandemic indicators and came to the following conclusions:

A year before the pandemic, 143,787 deaths from acute heart attacks were recorded. The number of deaths increased by 14% in the first year when COVID-19 raged across the Earth.

In the second year of the pandemic, heart attack mortality increased by 29.9% among people aged 25 to 44. Among the 45-64 age group, the indicator increased by 19.6%, and among people 65+ by 13.7%.

Scientists are sure that the coronavirus can provoke the appearance or exacerbation of coronary heart disease, but they cannot yet prove this scientifically.

The pandemic affects all spheres of life: personal, work, social. It cannot be ruled out that during the lockdown, chronic stress could lead to heart diseases.

At the same time, the direct effect of the disease on changes in the work of the heart muscle cannot be excluded.


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