Scientists have discovered an asteroid capable of destroying the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Chile have discovered several dangerous near-Earth asteroids. All three objects are located in the inner part of the solar system. One of them really poses a threat to humanity.

It all started not with the search for asteroids, but with the study of the area near the glare of the Sun. It was there that three near-Earth asteroids were discovered.

Next, astronomers from the Earth and Planetary Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution for Science studied the elusive population of asteroids, which are quite difficult to detect due to their location.

As it turned out, space objects that hide inside the orbits of the Earth and Venus can be considered elusive.

The thing is that most telescopes are used to search for asteroids in the outer part of the Solar System. They work all night.

Scientists have only 20 minutes a day to study the interior of the system: 10 minutes before sunrise and 10 minutes after sunset. In such a period of time, it is extremely difficult to detect anything in principle.

However, this time scientists were able to do the incredible, they noticed 3 space objects at once. Two of them were named 2021 LJ4 and 2021 PH27.

It is known that they move inside the Earth’s orbit, so they do not pose a danger to humans. But the third asteroid 2022 AR7 may crash into our planet.

The width of 2022 AR7 is 1.5 km. Such dimensions are sufficient so that in the event of a high-speed collision, no trace of the planet would be left.

That is why the asteroid was nicknamed the “killer of the planets”.

As soon as it is possible to collect more data about this space object, scientists will decide what to do with it. America or China can knock it out of orbit using a satellite or missiles.

Today, astronomers continue to search for such asteroids. Such giants are potentially dangerous for the Earth , so they need to be detected and destroyed.


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