Scientists have discovered a skull that proves the existence of an ancient people from legends

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of archaeologists has discovered a 6,000-year-old skull and femur in a cave in mountainous Taiwan that could have belonged to a member of an ancient tribe from legend.

In Taiwan, there is a legend about a tribe of short dark-skinned people who in ancient times inhabited the mountainous part of the island. However, no evidence of the existence of this people was found.

By examining the DNA of the skull, scientists found that it is close to African genome samples from about the same time period. The study of the bones left in these places showed that their owner was not tall.

The femurs found next to the skull belonged to the same person as the skull. Scientists believe that it was a young woman, whose height was about 1.3 meters.

The researchers suggest that their findings confirm the existence of ancient people in Taiwan, but do not explain what could have happened to them. They apparently disappeared by the time other early Austronesian groups of people began to arrive.


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