Scientists have discovered a cemetery of sunken ships at the bottom of the Black Sea

(ORDO NEWS) — Near the territorial waters of Bulgaria, at the very bottom of the Black Sea, experts accidentally discovered a huge number of shipwrecks, whose age reaches 2500 years.

The researchers were studying the historical water level directly in the Black Sea. In the course of their research, they accidentally found a real “graveyard” of ships.

In total, the remains of about 60 ships from different eras – Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine – were discovered.

It is worth noting that this discovery was made a couple of years ago by employees of the Center for Marine Archeology at the University of Southampton. At that time, active work was underway on the Black Sea MAP project.

An accidental find plays a very important role, because with its help, specialists will be able to find out a lot of interesting information about the past.

Archaeologists then began to cooperate with the Bulgarian Institute of Archeology, as well as the Bulgarian Center for Underwater Archeology, in order to continue to conduct research near the coast of Bulgaria.

Experts used special vehicles that can be controlled remotely in order to not only capture images, but also simulate 3D photogrammetry, as well as a variety of videos.

The team was able to examine numerous wrecks, which clearly show bows, masts, as well as engraved wood of a decorative nature.

All remains are in excellent condition. The reason for this can be called the special chemical composition of the water in the Black Sea. At a depth of about 150 meters, oxygen is almost completely absent and there is too little light.

Due to this, marine organisms do not live at such great depths, so no one eats sunken ships. This allowed the wooden carvings to be preserved in exactly the same condition as 2500 years ago, when these sh


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