Scientists have developed an animation that shows how our heart pumps blood

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from Rice University (USA) have created a very accurate visualization that shows how blood flows through the human heart. The model will help doctors better understand the mechanisms of blood pumping and diagnose diseases that prevent it.

Check out a new animation that shows in detail how the human heart pumps blood

The model was created under the guidance of Rice University mechanical engineering professor Typhoon Tezduyar. He is an expert in modeling interactions between fluids and structures.

As part of his new research, Tezduar, along with his colleagues at Waseda University in Japan, set out to tackle what he says is one of the most difficult problems in biomechanics: determining how blood is pumped through human heart valves.

To this end, the researchers created an animation that shows the aortic valve and ventricle from above and from the side in a way that shows how the ventricle fills with blood, how quickly the tricuspid valve opens, and how blood flows.

“What we have done is to keep both the complexity and the precision [of the process],” Typhoona Tezduyar said. — It was painstaking work.

Modeling tricuspid [tricuspid] valves that touch each other, completely shut off the flow of blood, and then open again, and doing this with accurate representation of the models is a new and challenging class of problems in fluid mechanics.”

The scientist also noted that the model is detailed enough to capture the spiral movement of blood in the aorta.

This model will be useful for doctors who are looking for ways to treat heart disease. For example, it can be used to assess the pressure on the walls of the arteries in order to prevent the development of an aneurysm.


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