Scientists have developed a plan to freeze the North and South Poles of our planet

(ORDO NEWS) — This bizarre plan calls for the use of 125 tanker jets to wrap around part of Earth‘s atmosphere and block out sunlight.

Geoengineering is a set of measures and influences aimed at actively changing climatic conditions in a local region of the Earth or throughout the planet in order to counteract undesirable climate change and obtain the most comfortable living conditions and economic activity in most of the planet.

Some climate experts have recently warned that human activity has pushed global warming past a “breaking point”, making the melting of the ice caps all but inevitable.

However, a new study led by Wake Smith of Yale University has proposed a controversial plan to freeze the North and South Poles and stop the problem.

To do this, scientists propose to spray microscopic aerosol particles in the atmosphere. It is worth noting that there are theories that similar “chemtrail” technologies have already been used – secretly and that they led to the global climate change that we are seeing now.

These particles – mainly sulfur dioxide – will be sprayed into two large clouds in both hemispheres at an altitude of about 43,000 feet, where they will drift towards the poles and cast a small shadow over them.

This in turn will lower the temperature and minimize ice loss.
To achieve this goal, scientists propose using a fleet of 125 military air-to-air tanker aircraft, which will have to make 175,000 flights a year.

If this all sounds a bit dubious, it is – not least because of the possible unintended consequences of spraying so many particles into the atmosphere, but also because of the logistics involved in launching over 10,000 flights every month.

The authors of the study, however, remain adamant that this will be a useful undertaking.

“If the risk-reward equation pays off anywhere, it’s at the poles,” says Smith.

“Any intentional turn of the global thermostat will be of common interest to all of humanity.”

However, given the scope and impact of the project, it is likely to require the approval and support of the international community before it can be implemented.

In addition, where do scientists get 100% confidence that they will be able to turn the “thermostat” of our planet in the right direction?


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