Scientists have developed a device to visualize the work of the brain

(ORDO NEWS) — The ongoing study is testing a new type of neuroimaging device designed to simply capture brain activity in real time.

The new technology uses an already existing brain imaging technique. The most common form of this technology is called continuous wave fNIRS, but a more detailed and accurate iteration called time-domain fNIRS (TD-fNIRS) has recently been developed.

The problem with rendering the second fNIRS option is that it usually requires large, heavy, and expensive machines.

The new device, called Kernel Flow, has been developed over several years with the goal of making the TD-fNIRS cheaper, more compact, and easier to use in the field.

A study published earlier this year demonstrated the ability of Kernal Flow to provide data on brain activity equal to those recorded using bulky, immobile TD-fNIRS systems.

The device is currently being used in a feasibility study to test how effectively Kernal Flow measures the effects of certain substances on the brain.


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