Scientists have determined the age when the brain irrevocably ages

(ORDO NEWS) — German scientists have revealed the age of irreversible aging of the human brain. It turned out that irreversible changes occur after 60 years.

Experts from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Heidelberg have found that human cognitive abilities are not associated with the speed of reaction, which begins to slow down in 20 years, according to Nature Human Behavior.

Scientists conducted an online test, which was attended by about 1.2 million people. The subjects had to classify the words and images that appeared on the screen by pressing the correct key.

The researchers concluded that the slower responses were due to people becoming more thoughtful with age. In addition, over time, motor processes slow down.

Thus, a person’s mental abilities do not deteriorate until the age of 60. Then there are already irreversible changes in the brain, the so-called final aging.

Australian scientists have previously said that selenium supplements may be beneficial for the brains of older people, especially those with neurological conditions.


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