Scientists have deciphered what the images found on the walls of caves from the ice age mean

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have finally figured out what the lines, dots and other symbols found on the walls of caves from the last ice age mean.

According to Paul Pettit, a specialist at Durham University in England, this may be the first example of proto-writing.

The first people who put these symbols on the walls about 20,000 years ago conveyed important information in this way.

For example, lines, dots and “Y” signs, which were more common on the walls of caves, were depicted next to drawings of predatory animals.

According to the researchers, they said something about these animals. For example, about the mating periods of animals, the period when animals have cubs.

In particular, the symbol “Y” indicates the birth, and long lines and dots indicate the mating period.

In addition, experts believe that people who lived during the Ice Age used the lunar calendar.


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