Scientists have deciphered an ancient Egyptian love spell

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists still managed to decipher a very old papyrus, which, presumably, was discovered in Egypt. It turned out to be a real love spell.

About two thousand years ago, the Egyptian Taromeya so wanted to be with a man named Kefalas that she wrote a spell to summon a ghost. It was this ghost that was supposed to make Kefalas pay attention to Taromeya.

Scientists were somewhat surprised by the decryption result. Experts have suggested that the spell and drawings for it were painted by order of Taromei. Then the papyrus was placed in one of the graves to summon the ghost of the person who was buried in it.

Robert Ritner, along with Foy Skalf, announced that the papyrus contains a call to the spirit, which should rise and begin to torment a living person. As a result of this, he supposedly still has to fulfill what the creator of this “love spell” wants.

Papyrus contains a lot of holes, but still has a relatively readable state. It dates from about 1-2 centuries of our era. Since the University of Michigan bought it in 1924, it is not possible to say exactly where the papyrus was discovered. Presumably, it was discovered in the Fayyum region.


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