Scientists have created an “impossible” polymer 2 times stronger than steel

(ORDO NEWS) — The researchers managed to create a new material using a new polymerization process. The resulting 2D polymer folds into sheets rather than long chains like other polymers. Until now, the creation of such a polymer was considered impossible.

Moreover, the technology developed by scientists allows to produce this durable and lightweight material in large quantities. The polymer production technology is highly scalable and can be used to make other types of materials.

How did you get the material?

The scientists started with the melamine monomer, which is made up of carbon and nitrogen atoms. In solution and under certain conditions, these molecules grow in breadth, taking the form of disks, which then form layers connected by carbon bonds.

Instead of making molecules look like spaghetti, we can make a sheet of molecules by making them stick together in two dimensions.

This mechanism happens spontaneously in solution, and once we have synthesized this material, we can easily apply the spin coating method to make the film incredibly strong,
said senior researcher Michael Craino.

The material was named 2DPA-1 , and it has a number of impressive properties:

  • it is extremely thin and light;
  • the strength of the material is twice that of steel;
  • it is very resistant to deformation (six times more resistant than bulletproof glass);
  • the material is also completely impervious to gases and liquids.

Scope of application

The impressive characteristics of the 2DPA-1 allow it to be used in a number of areas and areas. Alternatively, the new material will be an excellent protective coating for automotive parts, electronics, and it can also be used in the construction industry.


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