Scientists have created a record-breaking small battery

(ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the Chemnitz Technical University (Germany) have designed a record-breaking battery to power small devices. The study was published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials.

The material says that scientists managed to create a small battery, the size of which does not exceed one square millimeter. This element is capable of supplying energy to tiny computers and objects of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT).

According to German experts, many tiny devices – for example, biocompatible sensors in the body, require batteries of the appropriate size.

The most promising in this industry are small photovoltaic and solar cells that convert light into electrical energy on small computer chips. However, the light and vibration necessary for their functioning are not always available.

In this regard, experts began to use the principle of “Swiss roll” (Swiss-roll), used in the development of conventional batteries. Here, thin layers of polymer, metal, and dielectric materials are deposited on the surface of a stretched plate.

Scientists said that the method they applied allows them to create batteries that can power tiny devices for up to ten hours. “Our results show encouraging performance in sub-square-millimeter scale energy storage,” said Dr. Mingsheng Zhu, who worked on the study.

In the fall of 2021, researchers from China, South Korea and the United States talked about creating microchips capable of passive flight. Miniature devices measuring about a millimeter have become the smallest aircraft in the world.


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