Scientists have confirmed the size of the engine room of Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Planetary scientists have received a lot of new data about Mars . For example, they recently confirmed the existence of a vast ocean in the distant past.

And now researchers have confirmed that Mars has a large central core, about 3,620 kilometers in diameter.

Experts have nicknamed the core of the Red Planet the planetary “engine room”. The dimensions of the core of Mars have been confirmed by a new model for scanning the deep interior of the planets.

In a new study, planetary scientists describe a new, efficient method for scanning the interior of any planet with a seismograph, which they have not previously used for this purpose.

By finding out that planets have cores, scientists can better understand their past and evolution. In addition, you can even find out when the magnetic field formed on the planet and when it disappeared.

It could also help explain why Mars no longer has the magnetic field needed to support life, and indeed life itself.

The Martian core is primarily composed of iron and nickel, but trace amounts of lighter elements such as hydrogen and sulfur may also be present.

The study’s lead author, astrophysicist Shen Wang, said these elements could change the core’s ability to transfer heat.

According to Professor Hrvoe Tkalcic, various sources, including earthquakes, meteorite impacts and other events, can emit “late” and “weaker” signals. Some of these late signals may seem noisy and useless.

However, their similarity to other signals recorded at various locations on Mars reveals a large core deep within the planet.

In addition to determining how far seismic waves travel, scientists can also estimate the speed at which they travel through the interior of Mars.

The data helped scientists estimate the size of Mars’ core, as these signals bounce around the planet’s interior.

“There is only one seismic station on Mars.

In the 1970s, there were four such instruments on the Moon.

Accordingly, due to the high cost, it is unlikely that there will be a significant change in the number of tools in the coming decades or even this century,” said Wang.


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