Scientists have been able to print pills on a 3D printer

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers at University College London have demonstrated 3D printed tablets. Inside each such tablet, you can put a medicine in any dosage – this will help create drugs that are suitable for any patient’s needs.

3D printers make life much easier for a person with their help, you can get any object made of any materials in the shortest possible time. The main thing is to design everything correctly.

Experts believe that such printers can help in the creation of personalized medicines, in which dosages and combinations of drugs can vary depending on the needs of a particular patient.

And researchers at University College London (UCL) have successfully implemented this technology by printing special tablets on a 3D printer.

How Scientists Printed Tablets

To print the pills, the British researchers used a technology called 3D printing , which allows the pills to be printed in seconds.

Typically, during 3D printing, a special resin is used, which is applied layer by layer and creates the desired object: this process takes several minutes. But the UCL team was able to reduce the time to a few seconds thanks to optimal light management.

Scientists have used this approach to make 3D printed tablets. For the production of medicines, the printer must be loaded with a resin containing a dissolved drug, as well as a photoreactive chemical that hardens during printing under the influence of light.

Scientists have been able to print pills on a 3D printe 2

Paracetamol was used as a drug this time, but scientists note that this is far from the only drug that can be added to resins for printing tablets on a 3D printer. The authors changed the composition of the resin and were able to fine-tune the release rate of drugs in tablets.

As a result, the researchers were able to print the tablets in 17 seconds, and further experiments reduced the preparation time of the preparations to seven seconds.

The authors of the development believe that their technology will find application in a rapidly changing clinical environment, where patients may need drugs adapted specifically for their body.


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