Scientists have almost proved that there is life on Mars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists conducted another study, the results of which significantly increased the chances that life really exists on Mars. Experts have found some living organisms that are present in volcanic rocks at the bottom of the seas of our planet.

Johe Suzuki and his colleagues conducted a study, the results of which can be found in the scientific article “Communication of microorganisms”. At the moment, they are developing a plan of cooperation with the space center in NASA, which is going to soon test the stones on Mars for the presence of the same processes.

Johe Suzuki says that he is confident that scientists will soon discover life on Mars. If this does not happen, then this indicates that life depends on completely different factors. For example, this may be the movement of tectonic plates.

Experts created samples aged 13.5, 33.5 and 104 million years. We began to conduct this study back in 2010 and over the course of all these years, the most thorough and in-depth analysis of the samples was carried out. In the samples, scientists found a huge number of different microorganisms.

The presence of life in a solid rock at the bottom of the sea was a real shock for specialists who believed that no one could survive in such conditions. It should be noted that the conditions at the bottom of the seabed are very similar to those that are present on the surface of the Red Planet.


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