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Scientists give advice for young couples with insomnia due to young children

Scientists give advice for young couples with insomnia due to young children 1

(ORDO NEWS) — Violation of circadian rhythms in humans can lead to a decline in immunity. But in order for someone to bring a glass of water in old age, this someone needs to be raised. Scientists help break the vicious circle of problems.

In the first year of a child’s life, parents do not manage to sleep more than 5 hours, with a sleep rate of 8 hours.

A guide for young and sleepless parents was offered by scientists from Durham University’s Infancy and Sleep Centre.

To begin with, do not overdo it with self-blame if nothing works. Professor Helen Ball of the named Infant Center says: “People really feel like they are doing something wrong. That they are bad parents.

What to do

1 – Try to calm down before putting your baby to bed. Setting is half the battle. Scientists note that there are almost no babies who sleep from dusk to dawn, so the internal mood is very important.

2 – Do not give up and look for all kinds of ways to overcome problems. Institutions from different countries issue special explanatory cheat sheets that are designed specifically for young parents and their problems. Almost always they are free: do not neglect them.

3 – Many studies on children’s sleep were made back in the 1950s and 60s of the last century. You need to be careful and find the latest work to get relevant information and reliable help.

4 – Sometimes you just need to calm down. “It helps to cope. If you understand that the unstable sleep of a child is the norm, then you realize that you are not to blame for anything, ”says Professor Helen Ball.

5 – Avoid too frequent naps. Much more important and healthier, notes Dr. Ball, is to be in a stable wakefulness.


Having guidance is important, Ball notes , because lack of sleep is often associated with increased symptoms of depression and anxiety in new mothers and fathers.

Simple cheat sheets differ in systematization from the various existing forms of sleep education that lie here and there on the Internet.

The completely new guidance will be presented at the annual conference next week. Ball said she and the center have been working on the Economic and Social Research Council-funded textbook for almost four years. “I wanted to find a support program that healthcare workers could use to help new parents,” says Dr. Ball.


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