Scientists from Israel have found about 100 thousand new viruses

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(ORDO NEWS) — Israeli scientists during the study identified about 100 thousand new viruses. This is nine times the number of currently known RNA viruses.

The discovery was made by employees of Tel Aviv University. New types of viruses have been found in samples from oceans, lakes, soils and several other ecosystems.

In the course of scientific work, Israeli scientists have developed a sophisticated computational tool that distinguishes between the genetic material of an RNA virus and its host. Experts have applied it to big data analysis.

Some viruses are disease-causing agents that can harm humans. The vast majority of viruses infect bacterial cells, but are harmless to humans.

According to the authors of the study, their discovery will help in the development of antimicrobial drugs and protection against fungi and parasites harmful to agriculture.

Recall that in April, an international team of researchers collected samples of ocean water from different parts of the globe and analyzed them for the presence of viruses.

The study used machine learning methods. As a result, 5,500 new types of RNA viruses were identified in the samples.


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