Scientists found where the Garden of Eden

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Colorado in Denver decided to find out if the Garden of Eden really existed. According to the findings, it has been underwater for millennia.

All sources indicate that the Garden of Eden did exist. It was located in the territory under the name Pinnacle Point, which belonged to the Paleo-Agul plain. This area (southern coast of South Africa) is currently completely flooded.

Studies have shown that the then representatives of Homosapiens could stay in the south of South Africa 170 thousand years ago. Then Africa was unbearably hot, and sea level was much lower, because all the water was “absorbed” by glaciers.

To find out what the plain looked like at that time, scientists studied the migration paths of antelopes. It was found that at times the area was almost completely devoid of water, herbivores traveled through it to the east and west. There were predators too, they hunted for creatures running past.

Water shortages were extremely rare. This is indicated by the condition of the teeth of 39 ancient animals. Experts found that all creatures led a sedentary lifestyle and ate well all year round. They had enough food. The condition of the enamel did not tell anything about droughts and adverse periods during which the diet of animals changes significantly.

There were many river systems in the Garden of Eden. When the water level rose, people could collect mollusks and get “seafood”. After the retreat of water, fresh grass grew. Herbivorous creatures came to her, and after them – predators. Thus, a unique ecosystem was created on the plain.


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