Scientists found Viking artifacts on melting glaciers in Norway

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The melting of glaciers reveals to scientists real treasures that date back to 300 BC. So, archaeologists managed to find household items of the ancient Normans. The Vikings traveled through the Landbrin Pass one and a half thousand years ago.

Until the Middle Ages, the number of wanderers who passed the pass sharply decreased due to the overtaking plague and climate change. Archaeologists regularly work on a road forgotten by all.

Previously, they found a lot of household items of ancient people, and recently, melting ice has given them even more artifacts.

Scientists managed to find snowshoes, knitted mittens, an iron knife and even a needle. This is not the whole list of items that have been lost, thrown away or forgotten by travelers.

Reducing the ice massif gave rise to a new branch of archeology – glacial archeology. For a long time the pass was covered with ice, but now it is a real treasure trove.


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