Scientists found traces of flooding that triggered the Ice Age

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts conducted another study and this allowed them to restore in as much detail the history of how Lake Agassiz actually disappeared. This reservoir is of glacial origin and was previously located on the territory of modern Canada.

Its area was approximately 1.5 million square meters. km. Water was present in it about 12 thousand years ago. It is reported by Geophysical Research Letters.

Experts analyzed a huge number of sedimentary rock samples that were collected in the place where the lake was previously. Additionally, a computer model was compiled of how soil erosion occurred in this area. The results were shocking. The huge body of water lost all its water in no more than 9 months.

On some days, up to two million cubic meters of liquid was lost. Over the course of 9 months, the reservoir has lost the same amount of water that is contained today in all the Great Lakes combined.

Experts believe that the release of liquid into the Arctic Ocean did not pass without leaving a trace and this has a very serious impact on ocean currents.

Due to the fact that the circulation of water has changed, the entire climate on our planet could have completely changed. This was the reason for the emergence of the ice age, which was called the Dryas period.

The huge lake was formed about 16 thousand years ago and it served to some extent as a dam. The reservoir did not allow melt water to enter Hudson Bay. As a result of the flooding, whole mountains of loose sand and other rocks were formed in this area.


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