Scientists found the remains of people of the IV-VII centuries with complex surgical interventions

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the University of Adelphi were able to find the remains of people who lived between the 4th-7th centuries. It is interesting that on the surviving elements of the skeletons, scientists were able to discern traces of operations.

The find was made on the island of Thassos in Greece. The head of the excavations, Anagnostis Agelarakis, noted that the presence of graves and the architecture of the nearby church testified to the high social status of the deceased.

Archaeologists have studied the remains of a woman and a man. According to the presence of serious injuries, we can conclude that their life was in constant tension.

Their treatment was carried out by an experienced doctor with really good preparation. Most likely, it was a military doctor. Maybe it was he who performed one of the operations on the brain of a man. The treatment was very laborious, therefore, the ancient resident of Greece was an important person.

Unfortunately, the man died anyway during or after the operation. The cause, most likely, was an infection. According to Agelarakis, the operation was the most difficult of all those that he saw in forty years of his work. It is surprising that such a serious intervention was carried out in 4-7 centuries.


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