Scientists found the cleanest air on Earth, and this place is not near you

(ORDO NEWS) — According to scientists from the University of Colorado, the cleanest air on Earth is far from your home and any area where people live.

A study published in the Notes of the National Academy of Sciences shows that the Southern Ocean around Antarctica is the place with the cleanest air on our planet. Due to some features of the global climate and weather conditions, clouds over the Southern Ocean are the cleanest on the planet.

People have influenced almost all processes on planet Earth. You can find our garbage in the most remote areas of the ocean, plastic on beaches where people do not even live, and chemicals in clouds soaring high above our heads.

Researchers studying the air over the Southern Ocean have found that the clouds there have no signs of human activity. There are no traces of spent fossil fuels, fertilizers or human waste. The air is as clean as it can be, and somehow still exists here on Earth.

Scientists have taken samples both near the surface of the ocean and from the atmosphere high above sea level. They studied the microbiological composition of air samples, which can give an idea of ​​how the air flows moved.

The Southern Ocean is far enough away from most of human civilization to avoid much of our pollution.

“Aerosols that affect the properties of clouds are closely related to biological processes in the ocean and the fact that Antarctica is isolated from dispersing microorganisms in the south and precipitating nutrients from the southern continents,” says Thomas Hill, co-author of the study. “In general, this suggests that [the Southern Ocean] is one of the very few places on Earth that has been minimally affected by human activities.”


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