Scientists found out why Richard II married a 6-year-old girl

(ORDO NEWS) — King Richard II married with a child at the age of 29. True, the girl was not just a child, but the daughter of the King of France, Charles VI.

Historians say that he was crazy, that is why he so easily gave a minor girl in marriage.

A French princess was given in marriage with a huge dowry. In addition to money, jewelry and clothes, a dresser with dolls was also given.

Well, how can it be otherwise, when you essentially give a six-year-old child to someone else’s yard. One can only imagine how stressful it was for the girl.

Isabella of Valois, as the child was called, became Queen of England in January 1397. For most of her life she was enthroned in Windsor.

Of course, there was not a drop of love in such a marriage. It was more about politics. Monarchs were rarely combined by marriage at the call of the heart.

29-year-old King Richard believed that he could raise a perfect queen from a little princess. The marriage entered into full force only after Isabella turned 12 years old.

The French princess was the second legal wife of the English king. In his first marriage, the man was incredibly happy, but his wife Anna of Bohemia could not give heirs to the throne.

Due to the absence of children, the second wedding took place.

Historical records that have survived to this day say that the young Isabella enjoyed her friendship with Richard. She was crowned in 1397. In 1399 there was an uprising and the king was imprisoned.

The queen was also taken into custody and her situation deteriorated greatly. Later in 1400, Richard starved to death in prison.

The woman was offered to remarry the son of Henry IV, but she refused due to strong grief for her dead husband. In 1401, Isabella of Valois returned to France. And her sister married Henry V in 1420.

An 18-year-old woman died during childbirth.

She was still able to come to her senses after the death of her king and decided on a new marriage, but already with Count Orleans Charles. However, she could not live a long and happy life.


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