Scientists found out why in 1110 the moon disappeared in the sky

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — About a thousand years ago, a real catastrophe happened in the atmosphere of our planet. A huge cloud of dangerous particles fell into the atmosphere and hung there for a long time. This fact was established by analyzing samples obtained from the depths of glaciers.

Experts have suggested that this could have happened as a result of the eruption of a major volcano Hekla in 1104. But a recent study showed that this volcano could not be the reason that a huge amount of sulfates was found in the glaciers. Experts checked historical documents that might have related to lunar eclipses and discovered something strange.

In May 1110, an extremely strange lunar eclipse occurred. A witness wrote that the moon was so dark at night that it was unrealistic to consider it. George Frederick Chambers, a century after that, wrote that, most likely, it was a “black” eclipse when the Moon becomes practically invisible. It is worth noting that scientists no longer found any evidence that a volcanic eruption occurred in 1110 that could provoke a darkening of the sun or the appearance of red twilight auroras.

Other experts believe that the cause of the disappearance of the moon and the release of a huge cloud of dangerous particles into the atmosphere could be the Asama volcano, which is located in Japan. His eruption occurred in 1108 and continued for several months. Because of this, a huge number of people died. Also, the eruption caused hunger, because the surface of the earth was unsuitable for growing plants.

The results of the study were published in Scientific Reports.


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